Smisby Village

Monthly Meetings

 February 2020 Meeting

 Ken Knowles, supported by his wife Marilyn, spoke about how he became a Town Crier.

Ken was born in Aston Birmingham and went to the local grammar school, after which he became a teacher for thirty-nine years. Amateur dramatics and the theatre has been his passion for over 30 years and when he retired from teaching  he saw an advert in his local Lichfield Mercury for a Town Crier, he applied and got the job which he has been doing for the past eleven years. He told us the Town Crier dated back to 1066 when the Normans invaded England his cry of oyez oyez oyez means “listen to this” it is a proclamation from the crown telling people about taxes that were to be raised or if your sons were to be taken away to fight at war.  Ken was dressed in his official red coat, tricorn hat and gaiters which he told us all had a symbolic meaning. A superb speaker very much enjoyed by the members.



January 2020 Meeting 

The format of the meeting changed this month at the suggestion of the Speaker. Bob Neil and his wife was welcomed by our President with their box of objects that we had to guess what they were or used for. Bob gave an introduction of how he came by many of the items, some given to him others found in antique shops or car boots. We all sat round tables in teams and Bob gave us all an item once we had decided what it was or used for, we passed it on to the next table. In all Twenty items were handed round, with the answers put onto a sheet of paper, there were items such as a hook to hang your two wigs on a device to cut of the top of a boiled egg and many more obscure items that got our grey cells working. A fantastic night with a look into the past, will our iPhone and computers be the objects to scrutinise in 50-years’ time at a WI meeting.

The dates of events being organised by Smisby WI were given out with boards to sign, then the President thanked  the hostesses for providing a superb supper.