Smisby Village

Smisby Church re-opening


Good news, the church has been given permission to re-open. 

The first service after re-opening: Evensong at 5.30 p.m. on the 25th October.  


Please see below the conditions that we all must satisfy when attending the church.



Details will be posted on the church door, local notice boards and sent to those people who have given us permission to contact them by post or email.

In the meantime, these are the guidelines that we shall be following when the church is re-opened.

  1. The maximum number that can be accommodated whilst making social distancing achievable is 20 persons (note that this does not just relate to seating but to access and circulation).
  2. Whilst it is a matter for personal judgement, persons considered to be clinically at 'high -risk' if contracting COVID-19 are strongly advised not to attend.
  3. Persons with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, those awaiting test results, and those who have tested positive for the virus must not attend.
  4. Contact details are required by law and these can be provided either for those who have downloaded the NHS Test & Trace App through scanning the QR Code at the entrance with a smart phone and showing the confirmation notice or manually recording the details on a log sheet (these are subject to GDPR and will be destroyed after 21 days).
  5. Face coverings are mandatory.
  6. Hand sanitizer must be used on entering the church. Avoid touching surfaces and do not pick up any books (service leaflets will be provided).
  7. Congregation may be asked to maintain social distance if there is a queue, to sit in a designated seat, and must not sit in any area marked as being out of use.
  8. There can be no singing of hymns or psalms etc, and no refreshments may be served.
  9. To help maintain social distancing the congregation should not move around during the service and are asked to wait in their seat after the service until advised to leave and then to do so without congregating in the aisles or doorway.