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Please find contact details for your Parish Councillors


Cllr Sarah Rushman Tel: 01530 417989; Mob: 07974 803729 (Chair)

Cllr Chris Taft: 07772 224976 (Vice Chair)


Cllr Richard Brooke


Cllr Hannah Das


Cllr Michael Cuming



For general enquiries please contact the Parish Clerk, Caroline Crowder on

Tel: 07519749446     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FileDescriptionlisting orderFile size
Download this file (Sarah Rushman Pecuniary Interests.pdf)Sarah Rushman Pecuniary Interests.pdfInterests 289 kB
Download this file (Chris Taft Pecuniary Interests.pdf)Chris Taft Pecuniary Interests.pdfInterests 291 kB
Download this file (Richard Brooke Pecuniary Interests.pdf)Richard Brooke Pecuniary Interests.pdfInterests 297 kB
Download this file (Hannah Das Pecuniary Interests.pdf)Hannah Das Pecuniary Interests.pdfInterests 294 kB
Download this file (Michael Cuming Pecuniary Interests.pdf)Michael Cuming Pecuniary Interests.pdfInterests 292 kB