All residents living in the Parish of Smisby and who have reached the qualifying age of 60 by 25th December this year, are eligible to receive a Christmas Hamper gift from the Parochial Charity. 


From 2022, we are also pleased to offer parishioners the option of donating their hamper to Ashby Food Bank instead. The value of the hamper will be spent on goods that are urgently required by the food bank at the time.


Please complete the form below if you will be age 60 or over by 25th December this year and:


1. would like to start receiving a hamper.

2. would like your hamper value to be spent on goods required by Ashby Food Bank and donated to them




Forms must be received by 30th September in order to receive a Christmas hamper that year.

Once parishioners have qualified for a hamper, they will remain on the distribution list in subsequent years.  There is no need to complete another form unless you wish to make a change such as donating to the food bank.


Christmas Hamper Form