Monthly meetings in black. Additional Events in blue, Harpur Crewe Group, DFWI and NFWI in brown

 2024 programme

Monthly meetings in black. Additional Events in blue, Harpur Crewe Group, DFWI and NFWI in brown

2024    Date


Topic, Cakes and competition details

18th  Jan

Stuart Warburton

Medieval Coal Mining looking at local open cast mining and excavations which rewrote the history books regarding coalmining in the 15 th century.
Cakes, Sandra Holden, Debbie Monk, Else Godfrey.

15th Feb

Ian Pettit

Beautiful Britain, behind the lens with Ian.
Cakes, Sue Fitch, Joan Wilson, Sybil Wallis.

21st March

Lorraine Tucker

Tai Chi” Lose fitting clothes to be worn.
Cakes, Pat Baker, Delia Shaw, Marie Jackson.
Competition, Any item with a connection to China

18th April

Bill Hayley

Life on Board Britannia”, What is was like to work and live aboard.
Cakes, Jane Orgil, Jackie Pipe, Julie Towey
Competition, Royal navy memorabilia.

16th May


AGM and Resolution meeting
Pooled cheese and wine.

30th May   Visit by Coach to Saltair,e a Victorian model village in West Yorkshire. 
Members £14pp and Non members £24pp.

20th June

Mark Knight

The life and Miracles of St Modwen” a local Saint.
Cakes, Jane Reynolds, Wendy Vallis, Jane Mack
Competition, A religious artefact

25th June (wed)   Willington History Walk and supper provided by Willington WI

18th July

Julie Holland

Commercialization of Scientific research
Cakes, Muriel Taylor, Carol Timms, Pam Hollingworth
Competition, medical science book

27th July   Kilworth Theatre to see Singing  in the Rain  Matinee

15th Aug

Richard Warren

The Life of Thomas Cook”, a local lad made good.
Cakes, Elizabeth Sturgess, Di Saunders, Di Worthington.
Competition, Travel Memorabilia

10th Sept   Proposed trip to Middle Temple details to follow

19th Sept

Brian Johnson

Made in Leicester” Local names you might know
Cakes, Bev Archer, Josie Renshaw, Pat Barnes
Competition, any famous connections-stories, autographs, photographs

17th Oct

Jed Jaggard

Arming a Knight” Armour from Norman to Tudor times, including the Battle of Bosworth.
Cakes, Jane Barnett, Lynn Podmore, Lynn Dent
Competition, any famous connections-stories, autographs, photographs.

21st  Nov

Becky Adams

Dancing with the Stars,” lets cha cha away the night.
Cakes, Lynn Benoist, Lynn Balnaves, Ann Devitt
Competition, a pair of dance shoes that would grace a ballroom

12th Dec

John Parnell

Party Games”, lots of fun and participation from the audience.
pooled refreshments and much more.