Smisby Village

Smisby WI Programme


Programme 2021

We can only dream that we will be able to resume our meetings in January 2021 but doubt it, so just a
taster of the speakers who agreed to come to Smisby WI to give a talk.


JANUARY 21ST Down the Garden Path with David Bell “ A humorous look at the Privies of Leicestershire” 

FEBRUARY 18TH   Wendy Freer “The Suffragettes”  

MARCH 18TH Sandra Moore “What business is it of yours” talk about Belgrave Cemetery

APRIL 15TH Graeme Mitcheson  talk on “Stone Carving”


June 17th  Racheal Lundy “Cycling across America with eight strangers”

July 15th  Lesley Smith Peggy Knight WW11 SOE spy.

August 19th Gaynor Fairweather “1970 Dance Styles

September 16th OPEN EVENING “ My Olympic Dream” Chris Knight

October 21st Mathew Warburton “ The road to Aluminium art, from Bugatti’s to Butterflies”

November 18th   Blood Bikes,  

December 9th Julie Cooper and Choir

Christmas Lunch at Golf Club 16th December




 2020 Programme

Meetings are currently cancelled due to the corona virus


All meetings at Smisby Village Hall unless stated otherwise.

Please note the meeting start time of 7:15 pm. So please arrive at 7 pm.


Advice to Tea Hostesses

We have 3 tea hostesses per month. Every effort is made to rotate this duty and to share responsibility within the group. If you are a tea hostess, it would be a great help if you arrive early to help set out. Also tea towels need to be laundered afterwards. £7 will be allocated for expenses to provide food plus milk.

Please note your date. If you are unable to do this one, please swap dates with someone or arrange a replacement in good time and notify the secretary of this.



Please park responsibly, without causing obstruction to driveways and the road. Where possible please car share.


Meetings open to all shown in Bold.   Special Events are in blue


NFWI, DFWI and Harpur Crewe Group Events in shown in italics



Topic and Speaker



January 16th

“Bits and Bobs” Speaker Bob Neal

Meeting to start at 7pm

Small item beginning with the letter “A”

Vivienne Randle, Delia Shaw, Sonia Bowker

February 20th

“The Town Crier”  Ken Knowles

Small item beginning with the letter “B”

Margaret Boyd, Lorna Gamble, Philippa Mitchell

March 17th

D.F.W.I. Spring Council Meeting at the Winding Wheel Speaker Jenny Bond ( ex BBC Royal Correspondent)

March 19th

“Walking the Pennine Way”

Speaker Ian Retson

Competition: Small item beginning with the letter “C”

Doreen Brown, Sue Fitch, Adrianne Burton.

April 2nd  The King and I   cancelled 7pm Repton Theatre Open to all

April 16th

“What business is it of yours,” Story of businesspeople laid to rest in Belgrave Cemetery

Speaker Sandra Moore

Competition: Small item beginning with the letter “D”

Chris Newman, Cynthia Massey Jane Mack.

April 17th Visit to Quilt and Stitch Show Uttoxeter racecourse ( Shared transport)

April 22nd

Spring Group meeting at Ticknall Village Hall

May 21st

AGM and Resolutions meeting at Cedar Lawns Smisby (home of Shelia Heap)

Annual Competition for Silver Trophy T.B.A

Pooled refreshments on a cheese & wine theme

June 12th Coach Visit to Chatsworth Flower Show £45 (£50 non members)

June 18th

85th Birthday Party with Lesley Smith “Peggy Knight”

In 1944 a young woman, who had been previously a shorthand typist at the electricity board in North London, was parachuted into Nazi occupied France. She was a member of SOE and had only received two weeks training and one practice parachute jump.

Her story of immense courage and dignity in the face of the most dangerous of situations is both breathtaking and remarkable as she was recorded moving straight through the middle of enemy lines on her bicycle.

Peggy’s story is little known but now is the time to find her. An ordinary woman who you would pass in the street without a second glance, but she was extraordinary, as you will discover.

July 16th

“Wandering Winnie!”, The life and travels of Winifred Harpur-Crewe” Speaker Celia Sanger

Competition: Small item beginning with the letter “E”

Lyn Dent, Lynn Podmore, Marie South

July 29th Visit to Kilworth theatre to see Half a Sixpence (£40) 

August 20th

Guided Tour of Moira Furnace

No Competition

Supper arrangements T.B.A.

August 24th The History Wardrobe with afternoon tea at Ticknall Village Hall 2pm    

September 17th

Open Meeting “Butler to Royalty”

 Speaker William French.

No Competition

Committee Members

October 6th

D.F.W.I. Autumn Council Meeting

October 15th

Bling, “America’s Gilded Age of 1880-1920” Speaker Bill Devitt

Competition Small item beginning with the letter “F”

Dorothy Ikin, Trisha Hewitt, Wendy Vallis

October 28th   


Autumn Group meeting at Ticknall Village Hall

November 19th

“Blood Bikes” Speaker T.B.C

Competition Small item beginning with the letter “G”

Wilma Mulgrew, Diane Saunders. Else Godfrey

December 10th

Christmas Party “A happy Russian Christmas” Speaker Cathy McAteer

Competition “The best wrapped Christmas Present” (value £5)

Pooled Refreshments





In addition to this evening programme of meetings, two other regular monthly meetings are held:


Smisby WI Craft Club

Meeting at 10am on first Thursday of each month. The events are notified to members by email.


Smisby Striders

Meeting at 10.15 for 10.30 start on second Thursday of each month.The events are notified to members by email.


Smisby Canasta Club including other card games

This club was  initiated by W.I. members but is a stand alone club with its own organizers, and is open to anyone who wishes to play.

Meets every Wednesay afternoon in the village hall 1.30pm to 3.30pm. All WI members, husbands, partners and friends invited


Smisby Keep Fit


Keep Fit with Hannah for everyone on Tuesdays, from 2pm to 3pm . It is intended that this group should run every week like the Canasta Club


Health Walks


Weekly short walks are organised by Dot Morson, see page listing the Overseal health walks.