Smisby Village

Checklist for Hirers

  • Hirers MUST unbolt the fire doors in the MAIN HALL for the duration of the hire.
  • Hirers MUST ensure that the metal gates outside the fire doors are unlocked for the duration of the hire.
  • Ensure that at the end of your hire period, the hall, including kitchen and lavatories, are left clean and tidy and ready for the next Hirer, in a condition acceptable to the Trustees.
  • Cleaning equipment for Hirers can be found in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.
  • Please make sure that tables and chairs are cleaned and put away after use. Failure to do this will result in clearing time being charged against your deposit.
  • Only use tables and chairs provided.
  • Collect and take away all refuse and litter, together with all food waste – to include the bin in the kitchen if it has been used and paper towel bins in the toilet facilities when appropriate.
  • Check that all taps in the cloakrooms and kitchen are turned off, that the refrigerator is emptied of your items and left clean if you have used it, and that any cups, plates etc you have used are washed, dried and put away.
  • Dog training hirers must ensure that the hall floor is wet washed with disinfectant after every session.
  • Note any comments you may have in the Log Book in the kitchen.
  • Close the metal gates, turn off the lights, check all the fire doors are closed and bolted internally as you leave. The caretaker will set the alarm and lock the premises at the end of your hire period.
  • In the highly unlikely event of the caretaker not being there at the end of your hire period, just close the outer doors as you leave the premises and ring one of the numbers below.
  • Your deposit cheque will be shredded (or returned if you wish) once it is confirmed that the Conditions of Hire have been complied with.

Emergency contact numbers for problems during your event :

Bookings Clerk ­ 07957 545472

Ian Rice 07958 102212

Ron Walker 07908 672317